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The $1K A Day Fast Track Offer Is A Proven Offer With Affiliates Earning Up To $230+ EPC and OVER $500K In Sales In Under 30 Days With NO Launch!
  • Battle Tested Evergreen Webinar Funnel
  • Industry Best Customer Support
  • Refund Rates UNDER 10%!


$150 Million marketer brings you what you want!

After over 16 years in the industry spanning multiple markets, Merlin has finally released a high ticket offer on Clickbank for affiliates to MAKE BANK with!

With $150,000,000 in online sales in his career Merlin has the experience and expertise to bring top converting offers to the table. He has the team to support massive growth, which means significantly lower refund rates than you would normally see from a high ticket webinar promotion. 

Stats to whet your whistle

  • Commissions: 50% with up to 60% for top promoters means $460 to up to $560 commissions!
  • Webinar conversion rates up to 20% on solid list. Average conversion of 11%
  • Attendee Values Of Up To $214 And $55 Per Registrant!
  • ​Automatic Weekly Clickbank Payouts 
  • ​Converts On Just About Any List Type
  • ​Highest Converting Webinar On The Market
  • ​Massive Positive Reviews From Customers
  • ​Incredibly Simple Program Built For Anyone, from Beginner To Expert Teaching Incredibly Unique Strategies

Brand New ClickBank Affiliates And Our Students Are Making Bank!


$1K A Day Fast Tracks

A product that really works!

The strategies we teach within the program are simple enough for anyone to follow and yet INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. 

Students young and old learn exactly how to build massive email lists of their own using incredibly simple poll pages. This is like nothing anyone has ever seen before and makes sense to even the most newbie beginners. 

Throughout the training program students are walked step-by-step through creating their own polls using our proven templates, setting up their own email system and beginning to generate traffic using 2nd tier sources which are 1./8th the cost of Google, Facebook and YouTube!


100% FREE Affiliate Registration Supported By ClickBank!


1. Register To Promote

To Preserve the Absolute TOP quality of all promotions all new affiliates must be approved and added to our Clickbank Whitelist. Joining is free and easy, simply enter your name, email and ClickBank nickname by clicking here and we'll contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss and get you all set up. 

2. EARN!

Whether you choose to run traffic to our evergreen webinar funnel or set up a LIVE webinar promotion you'll be shocked by the massive earnings you'll generate. Once you register as an affiliate we'll discuss the best direction for you to go and get you all the promotional assets you need!

It’s that simple. Need more info? Check out our FAQ below.


Why Do I Have To Register To Be An Affiliate??
Our top concern is working with only the highest quality affiliates on the Internet. Let's be honest, there are a LOT of shady affiliates out there and we cannot put the reputation or longevity of the offer at risk just to earn a few extra bucks and you shouldn't either. We review all affiliates before adding them to our affiliate whitelist and personally support every single affiliate we work with. 
I Have A Big List And Want To Run A Live Webinar With You, How Can I Do That?
Live Webinars ROCK! We see up to 2 to 3 times higher conversion rate from live webinars and if you have a list or traffic source you want to use for a live webinar all you have to do is register as an affiliate and put that in the form and we'll look at getting that scheduled with you ASAP!
Will You Help Me Promote?
Absolutely! We have all the emails, banners, Facebook posts and any other marketing asset you could ever need. All you have to do is register as an affiliate and we'll connect you with one of our affiliate managers and get you everything you could need. We're happy to make custom assets for you if you need them as well!
Do You Support The Customers I Refer To You?
We have a dedicated US based customer support team of 6 that's have between 3 and 9 years of experience working in many different marketers we've been active in over the years. Long story short, the answer is YES, our customer support is considered the BEST in the industry which is why our refund rates are so low!
How Fast Will I Get Paid
All payments and affiliate commissions are managed by ClickBank which guarantees you will be paid on time, every time, just like the hundreds of thousands of affiliates Clickbank works with every single month!
How Do I Get In Touch With You?
It's really simple, all you have to do is register as an affiliate and you'll receive an email from one of our dedicated affiliate managers to start discussing everything and getting you all set up with anything you need!


100% FREE Affiliate Registration Supported By ClickBank!

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